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Workshop categories are as follows:

Private: 2 hours -Academics at Copeland Gallery in Sunriver, OR ($250/2 hours)

Student: 2 hours -Academics at Copeland Gallery in Sunriver, OR ($150/2 hours)

Saturday: 2 hours -Academics in a group at Copeland Gallery in Sunriver, OR ($150/2 hours)

Micro Adventure: 4-Hour shoot in the field covers academics & workflow. ($450)

Local Adventure: $1250/day up to 2 days. Door to Door, covers all things for local shoot on location.

Full Adventure: $2500/day up to 10 days. Door to Door, how to run a full scale production on location.

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Bring your cameras, drones, equipment and a notepad. Be prepared to learn about camera, drone and production operations with master photographer and film director, Chad Copeland.

Microsoft Windows 10

Working with Chad is a is absolutely amazing. Not only is he a very talented and inspiring photographer, he also is a great communicator, and receptive to feedback. His willingness to do what it takes for the right shot, and having a clear creative vision makes working with him very easy and fun. When I think about the work he produced for Windows 10, it was right on par with the creative brief, along with his own personal touch, making it uniquely "Chad Copeland" yet perfect for Windows. I especially love the image where he's flying in a small red airplane over the great barrier reef. It really showed the spirit of "people who do" which was our tag line for the launch. He really embodies the spirit of and artist who loves what they do so much, that you can see it shine through in his incredible images.

-Marylee Johnson-Burman, Microsoft Inc.