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End of July 2019

First of September 2019

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Ilulissat, Greenland

Join Chad Copeland on a trip of a lifetime in Greenland.

“We’ll meet up in either Copenhagen, DE or downtown Reykjavik, IS for dinner before setting off to Ilulissat. A small village on the Western seaboard teaming with adventure activities. Plan on brining your camera, laptop, spare hard drives and adventure gear as we set off into the wild.” -Chad Copeland

Day 1: Meet up, dinner, rest.

Day 2: Journey to Ilulissat, enjoy evening kayaking and dinner. (Photos)

Day 3: Wake up early for a morning flight over Disko Bay and look down upon massive icebergs, sea life and glaciers. (Photos) Return to the airport for lunch then set off on foot for a beautiful hike across Greenlandic tundra. Tent camp with dinner under the stars. (Photo)

Day 4: Wake up with the howling sun and board a Zodiac for our return to Ilulissat. En route, photograph icebergs and sea life. Breakfast on the boat. (Photo) After lunch, image review at the hotel and enjoy cultural integration and local amenities.

Day 5: Board a Russian helicopter with ice gear at the ready. Dinner on top of the ice cap, photograph the stars! Sleep on a living glacier and share stories. (Photo)

Day 6: Return to Ilulissat. After lunch, enjoy our last kayak journey at this location. (Photo) Photograph “Iconic” Greenland peoples. (Photo)

Day 7: Fly across the channel and camp on one of the most remote islands in the world. Look out for polar bears! (Photo)

Day 8: After we return to Ilulissat, pack up our gear and board a sailboat for Nuuk, a small town to the south. (Photo) Dinner along the way and sleep on the boat.

Day 9: Photograph caribou and other wildlife as we drive to Nuuk. (Photo) Check in to our accommodations and enjoy a little down time for the rest of the day. (Optional image review)

Day 10: Explore Nuuk before our flight to Copenhagen and then home.